Awareness Program

Maya Nepal offers an exclusive awareness programs for community people, corporate sectors and schools & collages on Alcoholics & Drug awareness & behave changes due to stress, which leads to alcoholic/Drug dependence.

Maya Nepal primarily offers De-Addiction & Health care facilities for Alcoholics / Drug Addicts, enabling the patients to relinquish their life of addiction & lead an independent normal life, which they had, before developing dependency on alcohol /drugs.

Maya Nepal also offers counselling and awareness programs in verse government intuitions, schools, colleges and corporate companies.
Our Experience:

  • Total experience of 5+ years in the field of addiction treatment & awareness camps.
  • We have provide treatment, care & assistance for over 1000 people with a success rate of 54%
  • Maya Nepal team has worked with many government institutions, schools, colleges and corporate companies to help spread awareness programmes.

Key Benefits of awareness training program:

  • Outcome based approach in the awareness training program e.g. reduces attrition rates, reduces risks that substance abusers, reduces medical leaves, reduces accidents etc.
  • Access to trained and  renowned clinical psychologies of Maya Nepal and following a resource efficient model where performance will be linked to outcomes
  • Ability to decrease the medical leaves, No call No show, accidents after office hours.
  • High success rate in reducing attrition and identifying problem case, who could be referred to needful therapy, and toutilizing our experience of using successful methods of awareness to the employees
  • A cost effective financial model which would ensure lower costs to the company, in retune it will support our cause of treating drug users who cannot afford to pay for the treatment, who are in high risk of death or accidents.
  • Better Company standards provided for the employ safety and health protected from the increased dangers and risks that substance
  • Effective awareness training for all the new joins will prevent attrition, medical leaves, accidents, and minor behavioural problems and provide protected work environment for all the employees.

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