Are you unsure if you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs?

Many people don’t realize that their usage justifies the need for professional help. Gateway Rehab offers initial evaluations intended to determine whether treatment is needed. Please take a moment to answer the following questions to learn if you or someone you know needs help.

1. Have you tried to stop drinking and/or using drugs but couldn’t?

2. Have your friends or family members expressed their concerns about your alcohol and/or drug use?

3. Do you feel guilty during or after drinking and/or using drugs?

4. Have your responsibilities at work, home or school suffered from the use of alcohol and/or drugs?

5. Do you find yourself lying to the people around you about your alcohol and/or drug usage?

6. Have you often thought that your life would be better if you stopped using drugs and/or alcohol?

Answering “YES” to one or more of the above questions indicates that you or someone you know may have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. Call Maya  Nepal today to schedule an initial appointment so we can further assess the condition and put you or a loved one on a road to recovery.

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