Signs & Symptoms

It’s easier to recognize when someone is struggling with drugs and/or alcohol if you are familiar with the person and his or her habits.

Listed here are signs and symptoms of someone who may have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol:

Behavioral Changes:

  • Defying authority or breaking rules
  • Irritable
  • Unreliable
  • Isolation from and losing important relationships
  • Impaired memory, concentration or confusion
  • Secretive

Physical Changes:

  • Energy level
  • Personal hygiene
  • Eyes (bloodshot, dilated, glazed, pinpoint pupils)
  • Weight changes
  • Use of cover-ups (sunglasses, breath mints, incense, room freshener)

Drug and/or Alcohol Usage including prescription drugs:

  • Using alcohol or other drugs excessively or inappropriately
  • Being preoccupied with obtaining or using substances
  • Suffering withdrawal when limiting or stopping use of alcohol or other drugs

If you think someone you know has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol based on the signs and symptoms listed above, call Gateway Rehab today to speak with a counselor about the steps you can take to save a life.

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