World AIDS Day (Dec 1st 2014)

Latest Events/News on 1 Dec , 2014

Since 1988, World AIDS day is observed on 1st December around the global & in Nepal also to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS & to demonstrate international solidarity. On this day the individuals & organization come together to bring attention of the world towards AIDS epidemic & introduce ways concerning how AIDS can be prevented from spreading. The aim of World AIDS day is to bring people’s attention to the worldwide challenges & consequences epidemic in order to initiate a change. It is a key opportunity to raise awareness, commemorate those who have passed on. The day has become one of the most recognized health day. Maya Nepal also celebrated the World AIDS day in lalitpur by doing various programs in order to raise awareness such as rally, orientation program under the program activities of community care center with the partnership of stakeholders working in HIV/AIDS sectors. This Year a theme is chosen “Close the Gap”. The slogan refers to vision of achieving zero new infection, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths by 2015.

Objective of the Program:

  • To show solidarity among general public & stakeholders in order to fight against AIDS.
  • To increase the prevention & control measures for HIV & AIDS.
  • To encourage people to fight against AIDS.
  • To unite all those people living with HIV & AIDS.
  • To seek more cooperation in control of these disease through raising public awareness.
  • To strengthen current efforts made to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • To Provide More affordable Package of care & support of person infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS in order to uplift their livelihood.
  • To make easy access of Quality HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care & Support Services.

 Pamphlet Presentation & Brochures Distribution:

Overall Pamphlet was undertaken by all the organization itself but the browser related to World AIDS Day was undertaken in  the collaboration of DACC & stakeholders working in the field of HIV/AIDS & Drugs i.e. NAPN also. The Pamphlet contained sound slogan & information which has helped to make the general public aware about the epidemic.


  • Multispectral commitment was found to reduce the stigma & discrimination prevailed in our society through advocacy.
  • Support needed for general people to increase awareness about the importance of individual & community role to fight against AIDS.
  • Enthusiastic participation & observation of the day through government authorities, DACC, Western Region HIV/AIDS Alliance including stakeholders & general public.
  • Showed commitment towards decreasing stigma & discrimination through advocacy & fight against HIV/AIDS.
  • More co-ordination needed in control of this disease through raising public awareness.

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