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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Maya Nepal Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation center web site. This site describes about our work and information related to drug and alcoholic addiction. All of us are delighted that you are taking the opportunity to visit us through our website. For those of you familiar with Maya Nepal Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center, we know that this site will rekindle fond memories of your experiences. For those new to Maya Nepal Treatment & rehabilitation center, you are in for a treat.

Maya Nepal Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Center is a non-governmental, non-profit making social organization established in XXXX, the first initiatives by the youths who were engaged in drug addiction in the past, to come together to provide support to those involved in using injecting and other types of drug abuse in Nepal. It was started as an informal group but later on realizing the need of legislation of the organization it was formally registered under the NGO Act in District Administrative Office (DAO Reg. No – XXXX) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council with register no. XXXX.

Maya Nepal has different ways of addressing an alcohol or drug addiction. When choosing drug treatment centers for yourself or a loved one, it is important to be knowledgeable about the different types of drug treatment program and what the end results are of the different drug treatment program.

Maya Nepal focuses work on Drug related Harm Reduction, Prevention, Care, Treatment and Support, awareness raising in Drug Addiction, Hepatitis C and HIV and AIDS infection in the locality and has involve recovering drug users to advocate their human and health right, to reduce stigma and discrimination, and to access quality services and support that address their specific needs to contribute as part of the community without fear of discrimination. Facilitate and assists to being hygiene harmless home environment and safe shelter to Drug Users and community around.

Today we have found drug addiction as a disease. It is a very huge problem of every individual, every society and country. According to Nepal, there are more than 90 thousand people suffering with this kind of disease. It is increasing like day by day so widely. Drug addiction has both the physiological and psychological components. Generally the addict’s body is hooked up on drug, so that the absence of drug within his body causes to suffer from physical symptoms called withdrawal. Simply the drug usage is accompanied by the psychological experiences such as the experience of high relief from various emotional pains, sense of well-being perception of enchanted functioning or even the experience of being able to regulate the impact of unpleasant reality. The addiction is not only about drug problem. It’s more about mental, physical, and social problems.

Prarambha treatment and rehabilitation center vision towards the addiction is disease concept. The disease addiction is treatable and correctable through the principles of effective treatment of rehabilitation program.

In the progress of working on rehabilitation activities, and HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C prevention from and among the Drug users, we have come in touch with a large number of addicts, who have expressed willingness for leaving drugs and rehabilitation but could not participate because of the cost involved in the rehabilitation process and non-cooperation by family members to share the cost and non-affordability of expensive treatment process. The case is even worse for female drug user who are stigmatized and discriminated and do not want to admit the problem and face the consequences. Overall, the willingness for rehabilitation is growing in recent years because of growing awareness on HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C in Drug Users.

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