Maya Neapl (DRC)

Our treatment model is described as the “12 Step Treatment” and basically focused on love, care and concern. We view addiction as a disease and complete abstinence from all mind-altering drugs is necessary for long-lasting recovery. We also integrate the principles of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous into our treatment approach.

Treatment at the Maya Nepal includes the following:

Drug & Alcohol Detox at Maya Nepal:

As soon as a patient is admitted onto our rehab programme, a Consultant will assess their alcohol or drug detox requirements. Our staff are sensitive to the needs of patients during this difficult period; providing support, encouragement and easing discomfort.

Personal and Group Therapy:

The personalized addiction treatment programme is intensively structured and there is an overall consistency and clarity of focus. Each patient is assigned a focal therapist (cursor) who will conduct individual psychotherapy. Specialized group therapy sessions are held twice daily.

Educational Therapy:

The psycho-educational lecture component reinforces the group process and patients receive approximately 60 lectures during the six-week treatment period. The daily lectures by the clinical team cover a broad range of topics.

Therapeutic Community:

New admissions to our rehab clinic will receive a warm and caring welcome, not only from staff but also from their peers. The family atmosphere at Castle Craig and positive peer influences help in the identification of feelings, problem solving and the process of change. A renewed sense of empowerment, hope and self esteem, lost during alcohol and drug abuse, results from shared experiences and openness between group members.

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