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Latest Events/News on 5 May , 2014

His name is Rajesh (name changed) And he live at Bhaktapur. He is 25 years old. He has got 4 members in his family. His mom, dad, younger sisters and him-self. He had got so much financial problems in his family. He has left his study just because of his financial condition. He used to study at Jyotikunj Secondary Boarding School (Pokhara, Nepal). He left his study when he was in class nine . His father was alcoholic and his mom has got so much physical problems. So he came back to Kathmandu but didn’t join the school. After some time he got the curiosity to smoke cigarette. He was a good boy but the time was not so good for him. Then he tried marijuana to have some fun. After some used, he was stepping the step of hell. Then he tried brown-sugar to have some more fun. He used to use it daily and it became habitual to him. Firstly he enjoyed a lot with his time but after some used the bad time begins in his life. He became unmanageable to do anything without it. He tried a lot to stop using those poisons but he couldn’t help him-self. Because he was so powerless over his addiction. After his horrible crisis he was seeking for a help. And finally he got the help of mother groups and they referred him to Maya Nepal Drug  Rehabilitation & Treatment Center. After some follow-up, he got the chance for three months of program. He had got so much willing to be in recovery. So he learned a lot to stay clean and to live his own happy life. After completed his three months of program, he continued for his day-care program. And he was doing so well. And his good time was begins…… After another three months, Maya Nepal gave him an opportunity for a volunteer. He really deserved it. Because he was so honest with him-self and got willing to support them who were still using those poisons.  And he did well. His supportive thoughts really help to others.  As the slogan says, it really works if u work it. So he was walking with his positive thoughts. And his family was also so supportive to him.  After his volunteering program he got the huge opportunity to work with Maya Nepal Rehabilitation & Treatment Center. He was recommending as a Counselor of Maya Nepal Rehabilitation & Treatment Center. Now a days, he is doing his response so well. Now he learned how to deal with feelings and how to live his clean happy life. And he is really very thankful to them who support him a lot. Thanks to Maya Nepal……. who supports a lot for those Drug users and gave their life back to them. Now he has a bright smile on his face and a bright future ahead.

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